Friday, 28 February 2014

Update: Clapham Road Flood

I'm posting an update provided by Thames Water on the flooding in Clapham Road last night. Lambeth Councillors are keeping a close eye on developments and the Oval ward councillors (which is where the flood is located) are contacting residents.

Update from Thames Water on Clapham Road flooding

Picture: @LewisWhyld

As you will be aware, the A3 Clapham Road in Kennington is closed due to flooding after a high-pressured 30-inch Thames Water main burst across the carriageway at around 8.30pm yesterday evening.

The road remains closed both ways between Oval Station and Caldwell Street while engineers work to inspect and then repair the damage, although the flooding has not affected the underground station.

It is important to clarify early media and eye-witness reports that the flooding was “a torrent of sewage”. In fact, it was clean water which had turned murky after picking up mud and sand from the road.

By midnight, our teams had shut off the water supply to the broken pipe and water supplies had been restored to the vast majority of affected customers in the area.

The focus of the team now is to fix the broken water pipe as soon as possible and get the road back to normal. We’re really sorry to anyone who has been affected.

The water is believed to have flooded one basement flat, although the resident was not “evacuated” from their property, as was also suggested in the media.

We will now be working with the police and Lambeth Council to inspect the damage and carry out what is expected to be a complicated repair, with other utility pipes in the close vicinity of the broken main.

We will provide a further update this afternoon once we have a better idea about how long the repair will take. The Thames Water twitter account will be providing more updates: 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Save the Stockwell Post Office!

Stockwell Post Office could be closed if plans from Post Office bosses are approved. Your Stockwell Labour action team - Cllr Alex Bigham, Cllr Imogen Walker and Guilherme Rosa are completely opposed to the plans and are campaigning against them.

A consultation is happening which proposes “merging” our post office with the branch on Ferndale Road in Brixton. It would mean local residents being forced to travel all the way down Stockwell Road to Brixton – a round trip that could take up to 40 minutes on foot. For many elderly or disabled people, used to relying on a local service for their savings, stamps or bill payments, that could put the service out of reach. Anyone who uses Stockwell will know queues are common and that’s only likely to get worse if Ferndale Road has to cope with extra customers.   

We completely oppose these plans and we have started a campaign to get the Post Office to change its mind.

Please take a moment to sign our petition against the plans here:  

Please also spare two minutes to add your name to the petition overleaf. Encourage your friends and neighbours to do it too

If you are a customer of the Post Office, let them  what you think by filling out their online questionnaire at You will need to enter the post office branch name "Stockwell".You can also share your view by post. Just put ‘FREEPOST – Your Comments’ on the envelope.

The consultation closes in March so we haven’t got much time. If it goes ahead the Stockwell Post Office could close in June. 

For the people who rely on it, the Post Office is not just a place to post mail. It’s a focal point for our community, a place to catch up with neighbours and find out the latest news. Stockwell Post Office is a vital community resource. Let’s do all we can together to save it.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Young man murdered outside Stockwell tube station – Appeal for information

As people may have seen or read on the media, a young man was murdered in a horrific attack on Friday evening outside Stockwell tube station.

The thoughts of the Stockwell councillors are with the young man’s family and friends at this time.

The police have provided further information about the incident. If anyone has any information about this murder, please contact the police urgently.

At approximately 5.30pm on Friday evening, police were called to an incident where around 20 men were fighting on a bus outside Stockwell tube station. Shortly after this a further call was made to police stating that a car had crashed into the rear of a bus at the location.

Police attended the scene and a young man was found in the car suffering from a stab wound. The man in question unfortunately died a short time later.

It is unclear at present whether the fight on the bus was linked to the victim or whether this was a separate incident. The investigation is ongoing.

In response to the incident, the police have six additional officers doing high visibility reassurance patrols in the area and they will be there all weekend as well as weapons sweeps of the surrounding estates.

If anybody has any further information in regards to the incident or if anybody is aware of any heightened community tensions in the area or has any intelligence to suggest there may be further disorder in the area, please contact the police or Crimestoppers urgently.

  • Lambeth Police – please contact Police Sergeant Jon Madigan from Lambeth North Policing Team on 020 7091 5852 (On duty until 2300 Saturday, then 1300 – 2300 Sunday).
  • Or contact the police at any time by calling 101.  

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Opening of newly restored Stockwell War Memorial

Following a campaign by local residents and relatives on the memorial, supported by Stockwell's Labour councillors, the Stockwell War Memorial has now been restored to its former glory, along with improvements to the gardens. The mural on the underground shelter has also been repainted thanks to the activity of local volunteers, helped by the original artist, Brian Barnes and the London Mural Preservation Society

To celebrate this, The Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens are inviting everyone to the unveiling of a plaque at Stockwell Memorial Gardens on Saturday 14 September at 12 noon. The Mayor of Lambeth, Councillor Mark Bennett, will be doing the honours.

Naomi Klein, chairman of the Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens, says: “The plaque is a small reminder of the fantastic efforts of everyone involved in this project to create a fitting space to remember the war dead in Stockwell. Some of the families of the men listed on the First World War clock tower will be attending, which shows that the memories of these men are, in some ways, as fresh as ever.”

Cllr Alex Bigham, Labour Councillor for Stockwell, says:
“It is fantastic that we now have a restored memorial that is fit to commemorate those from our community who served in the First World War. Following a long campaign by Sheila, Naomi, and other local residents, Lambeth’s Labour council found the money to renovate the borough’s official war memorial. I’m delighted that this was able to happen in good time for the centenary of the First World War next year.”

The clock tower, which lists 574 Stockwell men who died in the Great War, was unveiled in 1922. In recent years, its condition had deteriorated and some of the carvings had become worn. Sheila Dartnell and Naomi Klein of the Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens brought the plight of the memorial, a Grade II listed structure, to the attention of Lambeth, who responded last year with a plan to improve the entire Memorial Gardens as well as four other memorials in the borough.

Working with Lambeth Council, the Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens developed a comprehensive plan to bring the clock tower to a state suitable for next year’s centenary of the start of World War One. It included cleaning the stone and recutting some of the carving, renovating the original wooden doors and replacing the windows. At the same time, new furniture, signage and replacement trees were brought in. The work was completed in August 2013.

In addition, many groups of local volunteers organised by the Friends and the London Mural Preservation Society spent hours carefully scraping off the old paint on the deep level shelter and repainting it. They were ably led by Brian Barnes, the original artist. Thanks to everyone who gave up their time. 

Event details:
Saturday 14 September 2013, 12noon to 3pm

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Community Champions picked to fight next election for Labour

Alex Bigham, Guilherme Rosa and Imogen Walker chosen to fight for Stockwell

Stockwell Labour Party members have selected three local community champions to stand for Lambeth Council at the next election, including the first Lambeth Labour candidate from a Portuguese background.

Guilherme Rosa, who is involved in a number of projects, such as helping set up a Portuguese language section at the Tate South Lambeth Library was chosen at a packed meeting of party members held at the Stockwell Partnership.

Guilherme will be working closely with all residents in Stockwell, building on strong links with Portuguese speaking residents and businesses, and helping the work of the Portuguese Community Centre which Labour supported the community to create.

He joins the two existing Stockwell councillors Imogen Walker and Alex Bigham. Both Imogen and Alex have represented Stockwell for a number of years and live in Stockwell. They have been campaigning to deliver real improvements to the area such as the planned Stockwell Square, the refurbished Stockwell war memorial, new kitchens and bathrooms on many of our estates and bringing the TFL bike scheme to Stockwell. They have also fought hard to protect residents incomes, keeping council tax frozen for the last five years.

Pete Bowyer is standing down at the next election after 10 years , and we would like to thank him for all his hard work.

We want to hear your ideas about how we can improve Stockwell over the coming years - please do get in touch in the comments section, or contact us.

A new square for Stockwell...

Your local Labour councillors are backing plans to create a new square in Stockwell which would improve the area around Stockwell tube station.

The plans would provide a more pedestrian friendly area around the tube which local residents have complained does not feel friendly and welcoming.

The new Stockwell Square would be created by expanding the pavements on Binfield Road, creating new areas for people to sit, a new TfL bike docking station, and other improvements such as trees. The area would be partly closed to traffic.

There are also proposals to close part of the Stockwell one way system on South Lambeth Road in order to create a new pedestrianised area linking the recently refurbished Stockwell war memorial with Stockwell Square. The plans have been drawn up by Lambeth Council and local community group the Stockwell Partnership.

Local residents have expressed their support for the project, but you still have time to have your say, you can either contact your councillors, or more details are on Lambeth's website. You can download the consultation report here and the design plans from the architects here.

There are other plans to improve our area such as traffic calming, tree planting and new cycle storage. You can read more here, and do send in your ideas as the new plans are being drawn up now, as part of the 'Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme'.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Help Restore the Stockwell War Memorial!

Can you help restore the painted rotunda in the Stockwell War Memorial Gardens?

Stockwell Memorial Rotunda Volunteer Day 9:00am – 5:00pm SATURDAY 23 MARCH – 9am to 4pm

The rotunda next to the Stockwell War Memorial will be repainted following a campaign by the Friends Group and local councillors.

In order to prepare for the re-paint, the Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens in association with the London Mural Preservation Society have organised a special volunteer day.

If you can spare some time – even if it’s just for an hour or so – please go along and lend a hand.

The Friends will provide all the equipment and there will be sandwiches and soft drinks for volunteers.

No special expertise needed.

For more information, email or call 07525 244337

Friday, 7 December 2012

New Temporary Surgery Venue

**UPDATE - the Stockwell Community Resource Centre is now open again, so surgeries will be held there again**

Surgeries are held on the first Thursday of the month at 6pm and the third Saturday at 11am. The Stockwell Centre is at 1 Studley Road, behind Stockwell tube station

Or you can contact your Stockwell councillors via phone or email.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Stockwell Festival 2012

The Stockwell Festival is coming to town. Put the date in your diary now - 22nd September from midday in Larkhall Park.

The festival has a different format this year, as well as dance groups and choirs there will be an Adults Zone with a bar and comedy tent and a Carnival Kids area with entertainers and a bouncy castle mini village.

The South Lambeth Market will be laying on three zones: a Foodies Market (for cold foods and gourmet treats), Arts, crafts and retro clothing, and a bric-a-brac table top sale.

The organisers are looking for volunteers to get involved - specifically local dance groups, ballet dancers, karate groups, choirs, steel drummers, artists, musicians, crafts and food, and 'Stockwell enthusiasts'!

For more details, contact the organisers below.

Twitter: @Stockwell2012

Getting involved: To take a stall in the South Lambeth Market areas contact Ian at by Friday 10 August 2012.

For all other enquiries (including hot food stalls) contact

Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Boris Bikes' come to Stockwell

Following a petition signed by hundreds of residents, and a campaign by local Labour councillors, the TFL bike scheme (also known as [ahem] Boris Bikes, although a certain Labour mayor came up with the project) is coming to Stockwell.



The extension will include 12 new sites, with at least one being within 300m of Stockwell Underground either on Clapham Road near Linhgam Street or on Binfield Road ‘island’. TfL’s preference is for the Lingham Street site but we are pressing for the Binfield Road site.

The stations should be ready in 2013.

 Priority sites:

1. L83 Union Grove, Wandsworth Road

2. L86 Landsdowne Way Bus Garage

3. L89 South Lambeth Library, South Lambeth Road

4. L91 Clapham Road, South Island Place

5. L95 Heathbrook Community Hall

6. L97 Wandsworth Road, Silverthorne Street

7. L98 Wandsworth Road, St Rule Street

8. L100 Teversham Lane, South Lambeth Road

9. L101 Courland Grove

10. L106 Jeffreys Road, Clarence Walk

11. L109 Oasis Garden, Larkhall Lane

12. L112 Clapham Road, Lingham Street

Contingency sites:

13. L85 Hartington Road

14. L90 Albert Square

15. L84 Thessaly Road, Wandsworth Road

16. L99 Wandsworth Road, Allington Court

17. L111 Binfield Rd Island

Thanks to Tradescant Road blog for the map.


Pictures of the Clapham Library

If you haven't yet been to the new Clapham Library, it's worth a visit. The building has been inspired by the Guggenheim, and inside a central atrium has a children's library as it's central focal point, with rows of books running around the walls accessible via a spiral ramp. Off the main walkway are small rooms for quiet reading, studying or using a computer.

The building was funded through a private-public partnership, with new homes built above the library. A smart way to fund public services at a time when money is tight.

Sadly, the miserly Lib Dems have attacked the new library, calling it a 'flop'. Wouldn't it have been nicer if they could have welcomed it?

More details on how to access the library are here:

Despite swingeing cuts from the Tory-Lib Dem Government, The Tate South Lambeth Library will remain open, and will have a new wifi service installed soon.

Nine Elms website launched

It's a bit full of PR gumf, and needs a lot more information adding to it, but it's a start - there is a new website that covers the *Vauxhall* Nine Elms development -

Monday, 18 June 2012

Great Result for War Memorials

Following a petition signed by hundreds of local residents, Labour Lambeth Council has announced approval of £200,000 funding to refurbish five war memorials, including the Stockwell War Memorial.

Stockwell Councillor Alex Bigham said "It is fantastic news that this money has been provided to ensure that our memorials are fit for heroes.

"Many modern heroes such as Naomi Klein and Sheila Dartnell have campaigned for years to ensure these memorials get the recognition and funding they deserve. We look forward to working with them on plans to restore and imporve the memorial and surrounding gardens."

Councillor Paul McGlone, Lambeth council’s Finance cabinet member, said: “Capital funding is very tight, but all Lambeth councillors agreed that the £200,000 funding had to be allocated to honour our responsibility to our war memorials in memory of those who have fallen.

“We also owe a debt of gratitude to local people like Naomi Klein, a Stockwell resident, who wrote a book, ‘These Were Our Sons’ to commemorate the memory of the 574 local men whose names are inscribed on Lambeth official War Memorial at Stockwell, as well as the Friends of Stockwell Memorial [and Gardens] for their important role in raising the profile of the need for investment.”

The other memorials that will benefit from the funding include:
•Holy Trinity Church, Clapham Common
•St Mark’s Church, Oval
•The London Regiment memorial in Kennington Park
•Streatham War Memorial

The Friends of Stockwell War Memorial said: “We are very pleased that Lambeth’s war memorials, including of course the major memorial at Stockwell, are receiving the attention they deserve. We have been working with Lambeth co-operatively over the past year on plans for improvements to Memorial Gardens and hope to see the results shortly.”

The works are due to be completed early next year.

Stockwell road sweeper gets honour

Anthony Cleland, a street cleaner from Stockwell has been awarded a British Empire Medal for a quarter of a century of service cleaning the streets of Lambeth.

He was nominated by Kate Hoey MP and the Stockwell Communiny Resource Centre.

As Stockwell News reports,  Mr Cleland is a widower, and the father of two children and a grandfather-of-three.

He said: “I am very proud and I think it’s great that the BEM has been brought back, it shows that ordinary people deserve to be recognised as well. My children are over the moon about it and my colleagues think it’s great that a road sweeper is being honoured. I lost my wife a few years ago but I am sure she will be up there, looking down on me when I receive the medal.”

Congratulations to Anthony from all at Stand up for Stockwell!

Cycling to Brighton

A formidable team of Lambeth councillors and residents, including Stockwell's Cllr Pete Bowyer took part on a long cycle from London to Brighton last Sunday to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

If you would like to donate, you can do so at