Saturday, 14 January 2017

Joanna Lumley backs the campaign to save the Stockwell Centre

The campaign to save the Stockwell Centre got a major boost today when the star of Ab Fab and The Avengers backed the fight to stop it being sold off by Hyde Housing.

Joanna Lumley visited the street stall held outside Stockwell station to talk to campaigners and sign the petition. She said that losing the centre would mean "the beating heart of Stockwell would disappear".

You can sign the petition too:

Monday, 2 January 2017

Campaign Video - Save the Stockwell Centre

Watch our video explaining why we want to Save the Stockwell Centre.
Please share with your friends and family.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Save the Stockwell Centre!

The Stockwell Centre on Studley Road (just behind Stockwell tube station) is a well used community centre created for local residents. 

Unfortunately, Hyde Housing - the housing association which runs the centre plan to get rid of the centre and lease it to another group, with no guarantee it will stay open or provide the same services to local residents. They are also getting rid of community centres in other areas including the Kennington Park Estate.
Please sign our petition to save the centre:
The Stockwell Centre hosts a wide range of meetings and events - resident association meetings; support groups for drug/alcohol recovery; police engagement; Councillor and MP surgeries; digital training; support for elderly; training and advice for those getting back into work; social events; the Stockwell Forum; kids' sports activities like judo/taekwondo and much more.
This is a crucial resource which Hyde Housing recently refurbished and said they would support for long term.  This is an incredibly well used community centre, in an area that has the 5th highest child poverty in London. It really is crucial that it stays open.
Stockwell Labour Councillors Alex Bigham, Guilherme Rosa and Imogen Walker are fighting these plans.
Please sign and share this petition with your friends and family. 
Please also respond directly to the consultation here

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Business Improvement District for Stockwell?

Local Councillors have asked Council officers to investigate whether a Business Improvement District (BID) would be feasible in Stockwell and Oval to bring together the business community and the improvements that other town centres have witnessed. A draft map of where the BID might operate has been drawn up here.

A BID is an organisation run by local businesses for the benefit of the neighbourhood which businesses pay a small levy to fund every year. Very small businesses are excluded. In Lambeth there are currently seven BIDs, our residents will probably be most familiar with Vauxhall One who have installed new bins and hanging baskets, provided their own jet washing and street cleaning of the arches and town centre streets as well as supporting individual businesses with cheaper bills for things like energy and rubbish collection. 

Vauxhall One has also hired dedicated police officers to keep Vauxhall safe and invested in improvements like the pedestrianisation and improvements to part of Vauxhall Walk. There is loads more like the summer screenings in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and the Vauxhall Ice Rink. Have a look at their website to see more about what they do.

Council officers will be assessing whether there are enough businesses in the Stockwell area to make an organisation financially viable (BIDs need a basic amount in order to effectively function over a neighbourhood) and what the area around Stockwell town centre would make sense for the business community. Once that information is back we’ll see how best we can take this forward. To keep up with the campaign, please follow @StockwellOval

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Campaigning sessions in Stockwell - join us!

Come on join us on the doorstep over the coming months as we campaign in support of Sadiq Khan and Florence Eshalomi.

Confirmed dates are February 27, March 5, March 19 and April 9. Our usual meeting place is Stockwell tube station at 11am. Don't worry if you haven't been out canvassing before, there will always be someone available to show you the ropes!

Contact for more information.  

Monday, 2 March 2015

Save Stockwell's local businesses!

Your Stockwell councillors are running a campaign to support local businesses at Stockwell tube station which could be under threat under Transport for London’s plans for the station.

Your councillors have been in touch with the florist and fruit and veg stall and the independent coffee shop ‘Tintos’ which operate from the stations. Both could potentially close without your support. Tintos were hoping to move into a bigger site in the station, but have been told they have lost the bid and need to vacate their current premises. The fruit and veg stall and florist have been told they need to move to a smaller site around the corner which would reduce their stall and mean they could employ 1 person.

When TfL presented their plans last September to the three councillors for Stockwell to remove the gyratory and extend the pedestrian area in Stockwell we raised a number of issues including:

  • We wanted to see an independent cafe - such as Tinto's - in the phone shop site to provide a local cafe with outdoor seating
  • We wanted the florist / fruit and veg stall to be protected or a similar size patch found so they can continue their much loved business. Cllr Alex Bigham met with Brenda who works on the stall this weekend and with Oliver from Tinto’s coffee.
  • Generally we want to protect and support local business and give opportunities for more local employment (the new Sainsburys which will replace Jack’s will create more local jobs).

We’ve contacted TfL to raise our concerns and request an urgent meeting to discuss.

More broadly, the next phase of the Stockwell gyratory plans will provide other benefits - more public space for pedestrians and better access to the refurbished war memorial; a safer route for cyclists plus other improvements to the street scene.

We'll endeavour to keep you updated as things progress. But we need your support - so pls sign the petition.

(Picture from here)

Friday, 31 October 2014

Do you want a new market in Stockwell?

Your three Stockwell Labour councillors were behind plans to improve the area around Stockwell tube station. We recently opened the Stockwell Square - the first part of our plans to improve Stockwell's town centre by creating a new pedestrian area on Binfield Road. 

The next stage of the plans are being developed, including proposals to change the flow of traffic around Stockwell to create a new pedestrian area around the refurbished Stockwell war memorial. 

One idea is to set up a new weekend market in Stockwell Square - but we want your ideas.

The Stockwell Partnership have set up a survey to consider the idea and ask people what they would like in a market if it was set up. 

Let us know your thoughts:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Want to know more about Vauxhall Nine Elms?

Open days are being held for those who want to know more about the Vauxhall Nine Elms regeneration project and who might want to apply for jobs or training.
Vauxhall Nine Elms is one of the largest regeneration projects happening anywhere in Europe.

This two day exhibition, hosted by the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, invites anyone interested to come and talk to those involved and view the plans.

There will also be an opportunity for local residents to register for job and training opportunities linked to the project.

The open days are on:
  • Thursday 26 June, 3pm to 8pm
  • Friday 27 June, 8am to 6pm

At Bolney Meadow Community Centre, 31 Bolney Street London SW8 1EZ

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What has Labour done for Stockwell? At least ten things...

Over the past four years, your Labour councillors have been working hard, not just at election time. Here’s a summary of what they’ve achieved since the last election in 2010.

1.       Frozen your council tax every year – helping residents with their bills after the Lib Dems put it up by 40%.
2.       Brought the Barclay Bike hire scheme to Stockwell, organising a petition of City Hall, with joint funding provided by Labour Lambeth.
3.       Restored the Stockwell war memorial to mark the centenary of the First World War, working with local residents and community groups.
4.       Started work on a new public square outside Stockwell tube which will be finished in the summer.
5.       Created new green spaces to improve our neighbourhood in Tradescant Road and in Crimsworth Road.
6.       Regenerated the Hemans Estate with new kitchens, bathrooms and windows for residents.
7.       Brought in secure bike storage across Stockwell.
8.       Opened a new community centre for Portuguese speaking residents.
9.       Worked with the community to introduce traffic calming measures in places like Albert Square and Aldebert Terrace.
10.   Fought to protect and keep open the Tate South Lambeth library, while other libraries closed across London.

But they can only continue their work if you use all 3 votes for Labour on Thursday. Don't delay, vote Labour today. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Why the Lib Dems are a letdown...

Even before Nick Clegg decided to get into bed with David Cameron, the Lib Dems were busy cosying up to the Tories in Lambeth. When the Liberals and the Tories ran Lambeth from 2002 to 2006, people in Stockwell suffered. 

The Lib Dems don't like to be reminded of their record, and it's no wonder why:

- The Lib Dem Councillor for Stockwell resigned in disgrace after being convicted for housing benefit fraud of over £14,000
- They put up council tax for hard pressed residents by 40%, costing residents £1,000- while Labour has been in power, it has been frozen, to help families with their bills.
- They lost £3million in housing fraud
- They refused to fund a registration drive for black voters
- They left 500 children without a school place in Lambeth

And in Westminster, the Lib Dems have cut all funding for affordable housing, introduced the hated bedroom tax and cut 10,000 police officers and 4,000 nurses.

It's no wonder local people don't want to see the Lib Dems elected again after the mess they left us in.

But even more worrying are their plans contained in their latest manifesto. They want to:
- suspend the £450m Lambeth Housing Standard investment programme which is providing new kitchens, bathrooms and windows for residents in Stockwell.
- spend a measly £200,000 from government for repairing roads rather than the £50m that Labour has invested since 2010. 
- waste £3.3m on a PCSO contract, which Labour has managed to negotiate for free.

Remember - only Labour can beat the Lib Dems round here. Don't forget to vote Labour on Thursday, 22 May. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lembre-se de usar todos os seus votos, e use-os votando no Labour

No dia 22 de Maio lembre-se de usar todos os seus votos, e use-os votando no Labour

Nós valorizamos o papel realmente importante que os falantes de Português desempenham na nossa Comunidade. E é por isso que nos últimos quatro anos os seus Councillors do Labour:

- Estabeleceram um Centro Comunitário para falantes de Português em Kennington proporcionando apoio para centenas de pessoas com problemas sociais, conselhos de informática e negócios, ajuda na reinserção profissional e sobre habitação. Nós também apoiámos serviços de aconselhamento através da Stockwell Partnership.

- Organizaram eventos de networking para negócios locais em Stockwell e Oval tais como, restaurantes, cafés e outros negócios geridos por Portugueses.

- Apoiaram iniciativas na biblioteca Tate de South Lambeth, focalizadas em ajudar os falantes de Português a aprender Inglês e estabelecer a secção de Língua Portuguesa nesta biblioteca.

- Apoiaram o reconhecimento dos falantes de Português como a nossa maior minoria em Lambeth pelo encorajamento dos Lusófonos e Portugueses em se registarem para votar e
em serem reconhecidos no Censos.

Os Councillors locais tomam decisões acerca dos serviços que o afectam no seu dia-a-dia, desde limpezas da rua até escolas, de parques a estradas. Usar o seu voto nas eleições locais dá-lhe voz na decisão acerca de quem o representa a si e o que podem fazer sobre assuntos importantes no seu Borough. Assegure-se que usa todos os seus três votos no:

  • Alex Bigham
  • Guilherme Rosa
  • Imogen Walker

Partidos como o UKIP, não querem que você vote. De facto, eles nem sequer pensam que outros Cidadãos da EU deveriam de todo poder imigrar para o UK, eles preferiam que a Grã-Bretanha deixasse a EU totalmente. É importante que você lhes envie uma mensagem forte – o seu voto conta.

A Eleição é a 22 de Maio.

Vote no partido que vai ser justo com cada pessoa e ambicioso por todos: Vote no Labour.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fair to everyone, ambitious for all - Labour's promise to Lambeth residents

Labour's six pledges to you in Lambeth

If Lambeth backs Labour on May 22nd, this is what we promise to do:

1. Help you with the rising cost of living by freezing Council Tax for the sixth year in a row.

2. Boost jobs and grow local businesses by offering every young person access to job support, training or an apprenticeship.

 3. Make Lambeth cleaner and greener by resurfacing 130 miles of roads and pavements, and recycling more waste than ever before.

 4. Create safer neighbourhoods and build the homes we need by campaigning to protect community police and building 1,000 new council homes.

 5. Give young people the best start in life by offering free breakfasts in all our primary schools.

 6. Help to keep you healthy by getting more people involved in sporting activities and healthy exercise.

Read Labour's full manifesto for Lambeth at

Your 3 Labour candidates for Stockwell

You have three votes in the local elections on Thursday 22 May. Your three local Labour candidates are hard working community activists. Here's some more details about them and what they have already done in our local community.

Alex Bigham
Alex has been a councillor for four years and has had a home in Stockwell for over 30 years. He works for an education charity with schools in South London. He campaigned successfully to restore Stockwell’s war memorial and set up a new community centre for local residents who speak Portuguese. He has fought to protect local services like our post office and to keep council tax low to help residents with their bills.

Guilherme Rosa
Guilherme first moved to Lambeth in 2002. A community activist for many years, he is a member of Stockwell’s business association and supports the Stockwell Festival. As a volunteer at the Tate South Lambeth library, he set up a Portuguese section and also started a social club for residents. Committed to our diverse communities, he wants to see more local jobs and school places created.

Imogen Walker

Imogen has been a councillor since 2006, and she has worked for improvements in our local community including the new Stockwell Square and better recycling. She is Lambeth’s cabinet member for Environment and Sustainability and campaigned to bring the TfL bike hire scheme to Stockwell. Imogen trained as an actor and in her spare time is interested in animal welfare and the arts.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Update: Clapham Road Flood

I'm posting an update provided by Thames Water on the flooding in Clapham Road last night. Lambeth Councillors are keeping a close eye on developments and the Oval ward councillors (which is where the flood is located) are contacting residents.

Update from Thames Water on Clapham Road flooding

Picture: @LewisWhyld

As you will be aware, the A3 Clapham Road in Kennington is closed due to flooding after a high-pressured 30-inch Thames Water main burst across the carriageway at around 8.30pm yesterday evening.

The road remains closed both ways between Oval Station and Caldwell Street while engineers work to inspect and then repair the damage, although the flooding has not affected the underground station.

It is important to clarify early media and eye-witness reports that the flooding was “a torrent of sewage”. In fact, it was clean water which had turned murky after picking up mud and sand from the road.

By midnight, our teams had shut off the water supply to the broken pipe and water supplies had been restored to the vast majority of affected customers in the area.

The focus of the team now is to fix the broken water pipe as soon as possible and get the road back to normal. We’re really sorry to anyone who has been affected.

The water is believed to have flooded one basement flat, although the resident was not “evacuated” from their property, as was also suggested in the media.

We will now be working with the police and Lambeth Council to inspect the damage and carry out what is expected to be a complicated repair, with other utility pipes in the close vicinity of the broken main.

We will provide a further update this afternoon once we have a better idea about how long the repair will take. The Thames Water twitter account will be providing more updates: 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Save the Stockwell Post Office!

Stockwell Post Office could be closed if plans from Post Office bosses are approved. Your Stockwell Labour action team - Cllr Alex Bigham, Cllr Imogen Walker and Guilherme Rosa are completely opposed to the plans and are campaigning against them.

A consultation is happening which proposes “merging” our post office with the branch on Ferndale Road in Brixton. It would mean local residents being forced to travel all the way down Stockwell Road to Brixton – a round trip that could take up to 40 minutes on foot. For many elderly or disabled people, used to relying on a local service for their savings, stamps or bill payments, that could put the service out of reach. Anyone who uses Stockwell will know queues are common and that’s only likely to get worse if Ferndale Road has to cope with extra customers.   

We completely oppose these plans and we have started a campaign to get the Post Office to change its mind.

Please take a moment to sign our petition against the plans here:  

Please also spare two minutes to add your name to the petition overleaf. Encourage your friends and neighbours to do it too

If you are a customer of the Post Office, let them  what you think by filling out their online questionnaire at You will need to enter the post office branch name "Stockwell".You can also share your view by post. Just put ‘FREEPOST – Your Comments’ on the envelope.

The consultation closes in March so we haven’t got much time. If it goes ahead the Stockwell Post Office could close in June. 

For the people who rely on it, the Post Office is not just a place to post mail. It’s a focal point for our community, a place to catch up with neighbours and find out the latest news. Stockwell Post Office is a vital community resource. Let’s do all we can together to save it.