Friday, 26 December 2008

Free money for Stockwell...

Well, with a few catches admittedly.

Lambeth have introduced a pot of money known as a ward purse. This means that up to £12,000 can be allocated to spend on between one and three local community projects in Stockwell.

We have some ideas on how to spend the money - but we want to hear from you what you think needs funding in Stockwell. You can leave a comment below, contact me on or contact one of your 3 Labour councillors.

We want to hear your ideas: the money could be spent on new play equipment for a playground, refurbishing a community hall, helping set up a residents group, organising an event for local residents, putting in new bike racks....or lots of other things. If you want to look at the Council guidelines about what the money can be used for you can read them here.

The money can be spent on a wide variety of projects, but it has to be a 'one-off' cost, rather than a running cost for a scheme - e.g. refurbishing a playground rather than paying a part time community warden.

Whatever your idea is - we want to hear about it! Please send us your ideas as soon as possible.

Alex Bigham