Friday, 26 December 2008

Stockwell on TV, film and radio

Stockwell has been on the big and small screen a far bit recently. It was a little while ago, but Channel 4's Rich Kid, Poor Kid featured two teenagers from Stockwell - Alice who was rich and somewhat snobbish, who lived I think on Larkhall Rise, and Natalie who lived on the Studley Estate.

It was fairly straightforward TV - rich kid seems stupid and prejudiced against everyone but people from private schools, while poor kid is smart but struggling with a single parent who's out of work. Not a particularly original story there, but what was inspiring was the way both teenagers developed over the programme - Alice's prejudices started to disappear the more time she spent with Natalie, while Natalie managed to find her young brother a school place, and decorate his bedroom, so he no longer slept on the floor. It was quite moving in the end to see how her pleased her brother was with his new bunk bed. You can make up your own mind if you haven't seen it via the Channel 4 website or download the 4OD service.

In other TV news, ITV have announced that they will tread where the BBC daren't in making a documentary about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. Entitled Stockwell, the hour long docu-drama is based on evidence given in the recently concluded inquiry, and will be aired early next year.

The ever eagle-eyed Bathsheba over at Stockwell News also notes that Radio 4's Taking a Stand talked about Lana Vandenberghe's decision to leak evidence she had access to at the Independent Police Complaints Commission about the de Menezes case.

As Sir Trev would say, and finally...the alternative comedy film Bigga than Ben which features two Russian chancers trying to make a quick fortune in London also featured a few fleating scenes in Stockwell, including filming outside the Nat West Bank opposite the station (blink and you'll miss it.)