Thursday, 1 January 2009

Community Toilet Scheme launched, more needed for central Stockwell

Lambeth recently launched a scheme where businesses will offer the use of their toilets to any member of the public in return for an annual fee from the council. The Community Toilet Scheme has increased the number of toilets available across the borough, and details of the toilets that can be used in and around Stockwell are below (pictures courtesy of Stockwell Toilet Watch, who campaigns vigorously on this issue).

This is good news, and should mean that by 2010 no-one has to walk more than 500 metres to find a public convenience. Each business should display the sign above, but you are encouraged to commit the list to memory if you are ever caught short.

However, there does need to be more provision in central Stockwell (i.e. the area around the tube station), where provision is fairly poor to be honest. There are a number of businesses that could sign up to the scheme and give Stockwell a much needed public toilet near the station.

I will be writing to the following businesses (and others) to encourage them to join the scheme to get more central Stockwell provision:

Ladbrokes on the corner of Clapham/Stockwell Roads
Ethio restaurant on Clapham Road
Delta restaurant on Clapham Road
Cafe Nile on Clapham Road
The Khyber Restaurant on South Lambeth Road
Delicatessan on Clapham Road
Monoptics on Stockwell Road
Dental Practice on Stockwell Road
William Hill on Clapham Road
Betterbet on Clapham Road
Vetinary Practice on South Lambeth Road

So, come on Stockwell businesses, show some interest in the local community who use your shop/restaurant and sign up to the scheme.

Get in touch if you want more information on the scheme, want to sign up, or have a suggestion for a business who could join.


Anonymous said...

I am glad (understatement) that these latest 2 postings attesting to the serious need for improved local Stockwell public toilet provision have been uploaded. It will be helpful if there are positive outcomes resulting from your letters to local businesses to participate in the CTS scheme. I decode your decision as indicating that even 11 months after Lambeth Council took the CTS decision the businesses you lists had not already been written to as potential participants. There still needs – in my view – to be some 24/7 provision and as per Camberwell Green there could be a 24/7 automated public toilet located on the central Stockwell central island – there is very easily enough un-used space. I trust that this blog will reasonably update on what progress is being made. The blog might also seek CTS users to feed back information about the success or otherwise of the scheme. There have been serious problems in some locations countrywide where the scheme had been introduced.

Alex Bigham said...

Thanks Ian (Stockwell Toilet Watch) for your comment. I will keep you updated on progress from the letters. I don't know if Lambeth wrote originally, imagine they did, but I will make the specific point in the letter about lack of provision near to the station, and follow up from the letters. I will raise the point re 24/7 provision with the councillors, but lets try to get a CTS near the station for now - this would seem more likely in the short term. Very happy to get feedback from CTS users, just use the comment form or email me.

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