Sunday, 25 January 2009

Crescent pavement in need of improvement

At the recent AGM of the Stockwell Park Residents’ Association, the issue of the quality of paving on Stockwell Park Crescent was raised. The Crescent is part of the Stockwell Park conservation area, with some outstanding architecture on it. However, the pavement is pretty poor - uneven tarmac with a number of potholes and the potential to trip up on it.

The pavements on the other roads in the area (Burnley Road, St Michael’s Road and St Martin’s Road) have been repaved fairly recently, and are paved with flagstones, in keeping with the character of the conservation area. It is somewhat surprising that Stockwell Park Crescent is only paved with tarmac, given the historical nature of many of the homes on the street.

The Residents Association is currently lobbying the Head of Highways at Lambeth to improve the paving, and I have put this to the Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Sally Prentice and to the relevant council officers.

It seems only reasonable to me that the quality of the pavement in the conservation area is improved, and kept at a consistent level across all roads in the conservation area.

Let us know what you think in the comments or email


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