Monday, 9 February 2009

Proposed development on Clapham Road to overlook houses and school

Thanks to some active residents on Clapham Road, Stand up for Stockwell has become aware of a new proposed development at the site of the electrical shop and car wash at 187-191 Clapham Road.

The proposed new development would mean the demolition of the existing offices and house on the site, and the erection of a shop and 68 flats. Given the size of the land available, the development seems inapproriately large. It is 5 storeys and would significantly alter the line of sight on Clapham Road.

Residents on Clapham Road have expressed their anger as it will significantly affect their view and any light going into their houses. In addition, the development would block light and the view for people living on the east side of the Stockwell Gardens Estate.

The site would also overlook Stockwell Park School, blocking light to the new playgournd being developed. Some parents may also be concerned that such a large residential building will overlook the school. The Chair of Governors of Stockwell Park has expressed his concern as have the Stockwell Labour Councillors.

As if all that were not concerning enough, the site is being developed by the budget supermarket Lidls. This could directly threaten existing small businesses and shops in Stockwell, in a difficult economic climate. A number of unions across Europe have investigated Lidls' scandalous employment practices and union-busting activities.

The planning application is available to view here. Do send your thoughts on the plan either to us in the comment box, or to the relevant planning officer, Jonathon Fullelove via or call 020 7926 1180


Anonymous said...

"Some parents may also be concerned that such a large residential building will overlook the school". Oh deary me - has STANDUP4STOCKWELL or Cllr. Bowyer clocked the new Hyde Southbank Homes (2008) Studley Estate (still flagposted!) block of apartments smack bang overlooking the school playground on Studley Road?

Kilroy - Stockwell Toilet Watch.

Gordon Ramsey said...


You are a disgrace to oppose this. it will provide jobs for locals and a budget priced supermarket that many of your unemployed or badly paid constituents badly need.

Not everyone has an estate car to drive to Sainsburys every week

Shame on you for only being interested in keeping rich non-locals in the big houses in Stockwell Park area happy

Anonymous said...

er....Sainsbury's .... didn't they give a pile of dosh to warmongering Newt Labour

Anonymous said...

Notta lotta clarification so far as to why "some parents may also be concerned that such a large residential building will overlook the school". Will there be clarification at the Stephen Twigg Albert Embankment bean feast?? The cited above item blogged text would seem to originate with Alex -so maybe he can clarify? Maybe Alex can chase up whether there have ever been any complaints by parents regarding multi storey COADE COURT on Hyde's Studley Estate built only last year smack bang next to the school playground and overlooking it totally?

Kilroy - Stockwell Toilet Watch.

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