Monday, 30 March 2009

Rubbish in Tradescant Road

Andrew Orange over at the Tradescant Road blog has some pictures of dumped rubbish on his road. Looks pretty bad - I'll send a note to Lambeth officers, but they really should be on top of this kind of problem already.


Larkhall Unhappy said...

I suggest you also tell them about Jeffreys Road and the rubbish dumped by the garages near the shops. Also the rubbish next to the new block of flats on Smedley Street. The refuse collectors do not pick up the bagged rubbish and do not put the wheelie bins back properly

Alex Bigham said...

I think both of these are in Larkhall Ward (def Smedley Street, and if it is the parade of shops nr Larkhall Lane/Jefrreys Road that is also Larkhall - I'll pass the comment onto Cllr Pete Robbins ( - if you want to follow up)

Larkhall Happier said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

So far, there has been no action taken to clear away the rubbish. Since it's recurring problem, a lasting solution needs to be found which discourages people from leaving their rubbish on the sidewalk in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Nothing yet no soloution. This is an ongoing problem. The residents complain constantly but Street Care will not solve it. There are no restaurants on Tradescant Road there are no commercial premises. Yet Tradescant Road comes out twice on the Stockwell road with a middle tine Walberswick Road the same problem has been experienced on all three parts of the street. The commercial premises on South Lambeth Road have put their bins on these streets and they sometimes do not close the lids or they overfill the bins and this also encourages fly tipping. The result is a complete mess and nightmare for residents. However out of site out of mind for the commercial premises. Also no ugly bins in front of their premises. If the bins were in front of their premises you can guarantee they would keep them in a better state. If they dont pay for their collection the collection company does not pick them up meaning rubbish sits there and is a health hazard. Residents have had enough and the bins have dissapeared from the other part of Tradescant and Walberswick. Why is the part of Tradescant closest to the Tait still suffering? Why is there no will from Lambeth street care to solve this problem. I know my neighbours complain from talking to them. It seems there is no will or co-ordinated effort or no history or memory from street care. I have spoken to many of the residents on tradescant and they are not happy! It is time to do something. David Reid

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