Monday, 25 May 2009

Tradescant Road rubbish problems...update

Andrew from the Tradescant Road blog has a good post about the action that local residents have been taking to try to sort out the persistent rubbish problem on their road (I wrote about this earlier - here).

Councillor Pete Bowyer met with a set of residents recently and is trying to help them get the problem sorted out. One of the residents' ideas is to set up a local residents' association. Seems like a good idea - I wish them the best of luck.

More details here:


matt mcConnell said...

We've definitely had a great improvement since about the time of Councillor Bowyer's visit. I'm very thankful for his, and Streetcare's, help in getting this sorted out.

Anonymous said...

Pity Councillor Watsisname doesn't visit central Stockwell we might even get a public toilet. Never mind faeces dont count as rubbish.

Kilroy - Stockwell Toielt Watch.

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