Friday, 12 June 2009

Lib Dem Stockwell Sleaze Scandal

Guido has a story today about the sad cancellation of disgraced Lib Dem peer Chris Rennard's annual barbecue in Stockwell. The Lib Dems have cancelled the festivites while the House of Lords investigate his expense claims. But they will allegedly party away from prying eyes on a boat on the Thames.

According to Guido:

"Lord Rennard is accused of [claiming] at least £41,768 of public money. An accusation he has so far proven unable to refute, failing to justify the designation of Eastbourne (07/08) or Wokingham (03/04) as his ‘main residence’ whilst working full time in Westminster and living in a large family home two miles away in Stockwell since 1998. Nor has he sought any supporting clarification from the fees office about his claim to have ‘followed the rules’. He is therefore under suspicion...which has caused him to bow out of Libdem frontline politics for “medical reasons”.

It goes on to say that

"Cowley Street still has funds to pay for a staff party on a boat down the Thames hosted by Lord Rennard even while he is still under investigation from the party’s “independent auditor” for his implausible expense claims to the House of Lords."

"It remains clear from this boat party that Lord Rennard remains a very active CEO, utterly unrepentant, with the full support of his employer and staff. This is odd given his is by far the most serious accusation of abuse of the expenses system against any Lib Dem Parliamentarian."

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