Thursday, 6 August 2009

Labour vs Lib Dem blogging

I don't profess to know everything about the world of blogging, social media or web 2.0, but I do feel strongly about one thing. The whole point of this technology is it's meant to be interactive. You can send your comments, feedback, opinions, likes, dislikes - and that is supposed to start a conversation. The idea is its two way traffic, not a megaphone.

That's why this blog has unmoderated comments, although i'll delete anything defamatory, bigotted, racist, sexist etc. Other Lambeth Labour blogs allow comments as well.

But I was looking at the Lib Dem blog in neighbouring Oval - and they don't allow anyone to comment on their articles.

The questions is, what are they afraid of? Honest feedback from their constituents? Not really very liberal, or very democratic.

UPDATE: It seems the Lib Dems have seen this post and now added the ability to comment on the Oval blog. Glad Labour could be of service to the good people of Oval...

Anyway, feel free to comment about this blog - if there are any changes or improvements you'd like to see.