Sunday, 30 August 2009

Support our new bus campaign

Northern Line a Nightmare? then get on board our new Bus Campaign

Do you find getting to work every morning a nightmare on the Northern Line?

Many residents have complained to us about the severe levels of overcrowding on the Northern Line.

The stations are overcrowded and dangerous, and often have to be closed because of congestion. As your local councillors, we campaigning for a new bus service to run at peak hours along the route of the Bank Northern Line, with our London Assembly Member, Val Shawcross.

We want to see a new bus service which starts at Clapham Common. We also want to see the current Mayor honour plans made by Ken Livingstone to increase the number of trains on the Northern Line by a third.

If you support our campaign, please sign up at:


Nick Biskinis said...

In Clapham i've been campaigning for a new direct City bus route to take the pressure off the Northern, running via Stockwell direct to Moorgate via Southwark. Two years at a meeting with me, TfL proposed extending the 155 on the same lines. Since then we've heard nothing and TfL say they will next look at a new City route in 2010 (when the 155 route is up for review). I think the 155 is crowded already by the time it hits Stockwell, so i've proposed TfL creates a new route from Clapham Common to Moorgate, so giving Stockwell residents more capacity too. I am also campaigining on Wandsworth Road getting more bus links, such as extended the 77 to London Bridge (and giving disabled residents high frequency accessible transport to Guy's)

Anonymous said...

This toilet woops I mean comment has been removed by a blog administrator like the the central stockwell decades old public toilets were removed by Lambeth Labour Council back in 1988. QWuick do one behind the Nile Cafe trees on Ye Studley Estate.

Kilroy. Stockwell Toilet Watch.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that comments are being removed. I thought this blog stood for freedom of comment. Shame on you.

Diana (Durand Gardens).

Alex Bigham said...

The comment was removed because it contained an offensive word in it. I'll remove any comments that are offensive. If the person wants to repost without the word, happy to have it up.

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