Saturday, 24 October 2009

Out and about on the South Lambeth estate

Local Labour councillors Imogen Walker, Raj Patil and Pete Robbins were out and about on the South Lambeth Estate today along with community campaigner Alex Bigham. This is for the second week in a row, and last week they were also joined by Cllr Pete Bowyer.

They were talking to residents about how the new dispersal zone (which Labour councillors and the police introduced) is working along the Dorset Road, along with other issues including housing, anti-social behaviour, and even one resident who is suffering from a plague of ladybirds outside her house! (Incidentally, this is a national problem –

Although some of the gang problems in the area have now been resolved, residents are concerned about youths congregating in stairwells, smoking and taking/dealing drugs as well as generally intimidating people. These issues are being reported to the local police.

Stockwell’s Labour team are delighted though that work is now complete in Wimborne house (pictured) and residents can now fully enjoy the benefits. The £4.5 million refit, approved by Lambeth Labour councillors has paid for new kitchens, more efficient boilers, redecoration, new lifts and double glazing.

Last week, the team noticed some dumped rubbish (also pictured) outside Wimborne House and reported it to the council. This has now thankfully been sorted.

We hope things are working well, but do get in touch with your Labour team if there are any issues we can help with at all.