Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year !

On behalf of the Stockwell Labour team, we hope you had a pleasant and relaxing Christmas and wish you a prosperous and healthy new year.

Personally, my new year's resolution is to keep our blog a bit more up to date. The updates have slipped a bit because it has been a very busy time. In the last month we have:
- knocked on almost every door in Stockwell to talk to residents about what issues concern them
- sent out 2,000 Christmas cards
- started delivering 2010 calendars to every household with useful contact numbers for local services
- held meetings with community activists and attended other community meetings
- held a weekly surgery for local residents to discuss their problems in person

If we haven't had a chance to speak to you yet, you can contact us here.

All the best for 2010


Anonymous said...

er.... I think you went to ground for nearly 2 months 'cos deeply disillusioned Labour member Lino Dee fired a supersonic rocket at you for your 3 over 10 super-flop Stockwell Festival. 'Course you never replied - never mind he's well used to that from his STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP DAYS.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me BUT BETTER BOOKIES did not opt for, indeed refused as you well know, to take on board COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME participation and said only that on an ad hoc basis if it suited them individuals could use their toilet - it was clear from their repsonse that there must have been individuals or circustances they had in mind that produced their circumspection.

I have tried on occassion of necessity to use their facility and on occasion it has not prossible as it has been kept locked.

Furthermore who is aware of this meagre concession? How come you haven't publicised it? Did you fix it just to placate me?

How would this unannounced meagre concession facilitate adequate toilet provision for others? Mothers with children? The young?

So why have you become dumb on adequate provision? I asked what do you and the 3 Ward Mustekeers intend now and also what else have you tried in the past year? Why have you never responded to other suggestions over the past year I have made to you? Hyde Southbank Homes participation - dirty great offices sitting on the Clapham Road? - silence reigns. Well aware of the problems? What about an automated toilet on Stockwell Clocktower green? You have totally ignored this suggestion too. Why???

Kilroy - Stockwell Toilet Watch.

Anonymous said...

ALEX BIGHAM reckons that 1 single male toilet pedestal for central Stockwell is a "Good result" that ought to be acknowledged as such. Andrew Bigham like Stockwell's absent Loos is not quite all there.

Kilroy. Stockwell Toilet Watch.

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