Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Labour action team busy during cold snap

We hope you kept safe and warm through the recent cold snap. We wanted to let you know what Labour was doing as your local council team during the cold snap.

While some services were affected and schools closed, Lambeth was well prepared for the current cold snap.
-          Lambeth’s gritters were out in force, some working well into the night, to keep the borough moving after heavy snow fell in just a few hours.
-          The council was well prepared for the cold period, ordering in extra supplies of grit before the current cold period began.
-          In places with severe problems, such as hills, gritting teams used a strategy of sending two vehicles to clear snow and ice from problem routes.
-          Refuse and recycling services were disrupted due to the weather. Crews were out making collections but their progress has been slow. They worked hard to catch up with collections as quickly as they could, and staff worked over the weekend if necessary.
-          Street cleaning staff were diverted from their normal duties to clear snow and ice from footways.
-          Lambeth put daily updates on their website on how services and travel is affected by the weather
-          The Labour government took decisive action to preserve salt stocks in case the cold weather returns.
-          We spoke to the Chief Executive of Hyde to review their gritting policy on the Studley Estate, Stockwell Gardens Estate and Fenton Close.
-          Nearly 30,000 older residents receive a winter fuel allowance of up to £400 thanks to a Labour government. If you’re over 60, not receiving the allowance and think you might be entitled to it, please call The Winter Fuel Payment Helpline on 08459 15 15 15.
Lambeth have been well prepared for the snow and rallied all their resources to keep the borough moving.
If the weather turns cold again, our advice is that people should take extra care, think about their travel plans, and look out for elderly neighbours. We hope you keep safe and warm, but if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. 

Pictured are Alex Bigham and Cllr Imogen Walker checking on the progress of gritting outside Apple Blossom Court, a shelted accommodation scheme which provides housing for older people.

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