Friday, 19 February 2010

Labour calls on the Lib Dems to cut the deceit and come clean on their budget plans

In response to the announcement by the Liberal Democrats of their 'alternative' council budget, Labour in Lambeth have dismissed the announcment as 'naked deception'.

When the Lib Dems were running Lambeth Council before 2006 they closed services such as the Kennington Day Care Centre, abandoned young people to the worst funded youth services in London, and left the council with zero financial reserves while forcing council tax up 40%.  And yet in opposition they are pretending they can do the opposite of what they did in power. 

Lib Dem spending pledges over the next four years, and their opposition to Labour's efficiency savings, would mean an immediate 10% council tax increase - in line with the average annual increase they imposed while their current leader was in charge of the council's finances. 

Council Leader Steve Reed called on the Lib Dems to cut the deceit and come clean.

He said: "The Lib Dems need to level with the people of Lambeth about where their secret cuts would really fall.  Their spending pledges would mean a 10% tax rise straight after an election, while their record in power shows they would cut services like community safety, youth activities and job training.   If Lib Dems really believe in tax cuts, why did they do the opposite and impose record-breaking tax hikes when they were in power? "