Thursday, 11 February 2010

Labour keeps rent rise to a minimum

Lambeth's Labour Cabinet has approved a rent increase of 3.14% (£2.60 extra per week) and a 5.75% rise in tenant service charges. Both of these figures are in line with the government's recommended figures.

Lambeth housing tenants will also see the repairs budget increase with a further £3.3 million going forward into providing repairs and new windows to help enable all Lambeth residents a comfortable property to live in.

Labour will continue to work with Lambeth Living to find the most effective way of finding savings and help to reduce the deficit left by the previous Liberal Democrat and Conservative administration. There is still a lot of hard to work to do to help get Lambeth tenants into suitable housing as well as complete the extensive repairs project.

Cllr Lib Peck, cabinet member for housing and regeneration said: 'We have listened to what our tenants have said – that is why we are working to secure the smallest possible increase of £2.60 per week. This is in line with Government guidelines.

I am pleased that we have managed to secure an extra investment of £3.3 million into repairs; and to freeze any increases in hot water and heating charges.

'We remain firmly committed to working closely with Lambeth Living in the next few weeks to agree a workable and reasonable housing management fee for them to provide housing services for Lambeth tenants.'

Pictured: tenants on the Mursell Estate will be pleased that the rent increase has been kept to a minimum.


Jason Cobb said...

Not pictured: Front line staff from Lambeth Living whose jobs are at risk because of the timely election friendly policy u-turn.

A reduction in rents is great. I genuinely think this is a good move. However, the shortfall in income has to be met somewhere.

Who has the job of telling Keith Hill, new Lambeth Living boss, that he has to make cutbacks because his local party wanted an election friendly policy?

Alex Bigham said...

I'm not aware that the decision means that their will be job cuts - especially not on the frontline. That's not to say that there won't be reductions to management, after all we live in frugal times. I guess there is a question for Lambeth Living itself if it is providing the best value for money, i'm not sure spending £1million on consultants was perhaps wise, but that is a matter for their management. The key is to protect services for residents above all.

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