Thursday, 18 March 2010

Conservatives' secret plan to axe tube office hours

The Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is planning to slash ticket office hours at Stockwell tube station. Under the secret proposals which were drawn up by Transport for London, the number of hours which Stockwell ticket offices are open would be cut by more than 32 hours a week. On weekdays, the office will now close at 7.45pm instead of the current 10.30pm, something which will concern tube users who use the station late at night, and appreciate the extra sense of security and safety that the office provides.
The Mayor has been accused of rank hypocrisy by the TSSA which represents tube staff, after he signed their petition during his election campaign backing their demands not to cut ticket office hours. Now he is in power, he has drawn up proposals behind closed doors to do exactly the opposite.
When he answered questions on transport at the London Assembly this week, he said there were no plans to close ticket offices. But his office was forced into a humiliating admission when the document (available to download as a pdf here) was leaked.
The news comes as a further blow to beleaguered commuters in Stockwell. Already battered by the Tory plan to slash the hours which the Northern Line runs, travellers will now be concerned that the security that staff provide when they visit the station late at night will be taken away by Boris Johnson.
Your Stockwell Labour Action team is campaigning against the cuts to services.


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