Friday, 26 March 2010

Labour's plan for changes in Lambeth

Over the next few days, Labour volunteers will be hand delivering copies of Labour’s manifesto for Lambeth residents. The choice at the next election couldn’t be clearer. Labour have sorted Lambeth’s finances out, improved customer service and frozen council tax for two years, while the Lib Dems and Tories hiked it by 40% and cut frontline services.

The plans for change in Lambeth include:
• Keeping council tax as low as possible and protecting essential services
• a uniformed hit squad to tackle anti social behaviour and move into crime hotspots
• Biggest ever investment in pavements and roads,
• Make Lambeth London’s greenest council with a 20% cut in carbon emissions
• Youth activities within a mile of every home, and two new primary schools
• Four new swimming pools and free swimming for every resident
• Upgrading 10,000 homes with new windows, doors and roofs, central heating and modern kitchens and bathrooms

You can read the whole manifesto here:

Thanks to Jason Cobb for hosting the pdf (18mb in total)


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