Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SLP journalist stays at newspaper

Greg Truscott, the journalist who was cautioned by police for assaulting a Lambeth councillor has apparently kept a job at the South London Press, despite admitting an assault following a homophobic outburst against Cllr Mark Bennett, Lambeth's Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, and receiving a caution from police.

The reporter has seemingly been moved sideways in his job to become a reporter covering issues in Southwark, according to the most recent edition of the South London Press. This is presumably partly in response to news that Mr Truscott has been banned from Lambeth Council buildings.

But can the SLP defend this position? Is it acceptable that he merely gets shifted sideways? Do the residents of Southwark not care about homophobia? Do the councillors in Southwark want to have local politics covered by someone who has physically attacked a local politician? If you want to express your views, do feel free to contact the newspaper directly...

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