Sunday, 14 March 2010

South London Press journalist arrested for homophobic assault

A shocking story is currently being discussed both in local blogs and on twitter in Lambeth. It has so far not been reported by the mainstream media.

A senior journalist (the Chief Reporter) of the local newspaper - the South London Press was arrested on Wednesday this week and cautioned for assaulting a Lambeth councillor and Cabinet Member, Cllr Mark Bennett. He admitted the assault when questioned by police.

The journalist in question, Greg Truscott has a reputation for writing pieces attacking Lambeth council, but has never taken this to the extreme of attacking a local politician. The incident, which happened at a fundraising event organised by the Mayor of Lambeth is extremely concerning.

The assault in itself would seem to be reason enough for the journalist to be removed from their post. Mr Truscott has now been banned from all Lambeth Council buildings. How he can continue to report fairly on local politics is beyond me (many would argue he has never reported fairly on local politics).

If you want to send your views on this matter, you can contact the Editor of the South London Press, Hannah Walker at Tel: 020 8710 6506  or the publisher of the newspaper Tindle Newspapers - 01252 735 667.

There is no place for homophobia or violence in modern society. The SLP should take a lead in condemning both. Sadly messages I have sent to them have gone unanswered so far.

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