Sunday, 14 March 2010

Where are the Lib Dems?

As you will hardly have failed to notice, the local elections, and probably the general election are only around 50 days away - Thursday 6th May is polling day. (Note: if you are not registered to vote,  please visit here asap if you would like a postal vote, visit here).

However, the Lib Dems seem to have gone pretty quiet. Labour announced our candidates for the elections over four months ago, while the Lib Dems seem to be struggling to find anyone to stand in their 'target' seats. As a local Stockwell resident, i have not received a single visit from a Lib Dem or a leaflet from them this year.

At community meetings, Lib Dems are notable by their absence. I have visited several TRA (tenants and residents association) meetings in the last few weeks, and there were no Lib Dems there. No Lib Dem councillors turned up to a recent meeting of the Ibero-American Forum or a fundraiser for the Madeiran community.

The Lib Dems in Stockwell do not have a local web presence, none of their candidates are on twitter or have facebook groups - they don't engage with independent local blogs either. 

The last time they were in power, the Lib Dems tended to get stuck in the bubble of town hall politics. Instead of standing up for their constituents, they hiked up council tax by 40% and cut back on frontline services, like youth club provision - something which had a knock on effect on crime in Stockwell.

The next election will be a choice not just between Labour and the Tories nationally, but one between Labour and the Lib Dems in Lambeth. But the Lib Dems are nowhere to be seen...


Jason Cobb said...

I've received three leaflets from the LibDems in Stockwell, one from the Greens and nothing from either Labour or the Tories.

As for a web presence - yes, online debate is good, but if this is then reduced to pathetic name calling, then I would rather have a proper political campaign taking place offline.

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