Friday, 30 April 2010

13,000 people abandoned by shock Lib Dem housing policy

Labour has once again urged residents to take a good, hard, long look at the Lib Dems in Lambeth after they failed to make a commitment to affordable housing in the borough.

Thousands of people, especially young people and first time buyers, could find it even harder to find a home in Lambeth after opposition parties failed to match Labour Lambeth’s promise that 50% of homes in new developments must be affordable or social housing.

Their scrapping of the affordable housing target is a real blow to the 13,000 people currently waiting for a new home in Lambeth. First time buyers struggle to get on the housing ladder in London’s competitive market and too many families live in homes that are too small for them, making the need for affordable and social housing a real priority.

Labour’s housing lead, Cllr Lib Peck said: ‘we know that the Tory Mayor scrapped the housing targets for London so this is sadly expected from the local Conservatives, but what shocks me is that the local Lib Dems appear to be following Boris’s lead. This would be a real kick in the teeth for a huge number of people who could find themselves abandoned to developers, so voters must know that the only party committed to the 50% target is Labour.’

In both the Liberal Democrat and Conservative local manifestos, no mention is made of affordable housing, which is one of the most pressing issues for Londoners.