Monday, 26 April 2010

Crime rates in Lambeth fall again for the fifth consecutive year

Crime rates across Lambeth have been plummeting since Labour has been running the town hall. A recent crackdown has seen anti social behaviour in crime hotspots slashed by 17% over a 6 month period using enforced dispersal zones. Police across the borough have also been given tough new powers to deal with gangs on estates to stop residents from being harassed and intimidated.
The Liberal Democrats have threatened to derail the efforts of the council and police in as they have not backed Labour’s proposals to expand the domestic violence team in Lambeth and make offenders pay back for their crimes by carrying out work in the local area. Meanwhile Tory Mayor Boris Johnson is threatening cuts to the number of police across London.

Over the past year, Labour has invested an additional £51,000 to help fund 22 new Police Community Support Officers, £300,000 into the flagship Young and Safe programme to help reduce youth violence. Labour has also invested an extra £60,000 more to improve the councils anti–social behaviour team. As a result crime across the borough has fallen by 7.4 per cent – the fifth consecutive year that Lambeth has seen a fall in crime.