Thursday, 15 April 2010

Five days left to change your community

There are just five days left to change the area you live in. If you aren't registered to vote before Tuesday 20th April, you will not be able to take party in the elections on Thursday 6th May.

At the next elections, everything from the potholes in your street, to the troops in Afghanistan will be on the agenda of your political representatives - so don't let your chance to influence what happens pass you by.

Registering is easy, and you don't have to have been born in Britain to vote. Anyone who is an EU or Commonwealth citizen can register, and EU citizens can vote in local and European elections.

If you live in Lambeth, you can register by filling in a short form here:

If you think you might be away at the election, or too busy to go to the polling station, why not register to vote by post - it's simple and easy, just fill in the form here:

The deadline for both is 20th April. There is more information here: