Friday, 23 April 2010

Local artists and Labour politicians help save Stockwell Studios

Those of you familiar with recent events in Stockwell will know about the long running saga of the artists based at Stockwell Studios, at the old Annie McCall hospital site off Jeffreys Road. Because of plans to develop the site, the artists feared they were going to be evicted by Lambeth council.

Thankfully, following a petition which was signed by over a thousand people, local Labour MP Kate Hoey and Labour councillors Imogen Walker and Rachel Heywood stepped in to save the studios.

The artitsts have said that following this pressure, "Lambeth Council offered us an 18 month lease with a view to working with us on a long term vision. This is where a new phase of hard work begins, as we secure our future as a comuunity arts education centre within the Annie McCall Hospital building and garden.

"We'd like to thank our local MP, Lambeth councillors and officers who worked very hard to make this happen, and we also could not have managed without your support and generous professional advice."

Their website is at


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