Thursday, 20 May 2010

New project to help remove barriers to work

Your Labour councillors Imogen Walker and Alex Bigham attended the launch today of a new initiative to help people into work in Stockwell.

The project, which is being supported by the Lambeth Communtiy Fund and the Stockwell Partnership will be based at the SWAN (Stockwell Women Achievement Network) which is part of the Somali community centre on Stockwell Road.

The scheme is open to people from all backgrounds though and will provide language support and EFL lessons for those who speak Somali, Portuguese, Polish and a whole range of other languages.  It will provide one to one help for people to become more job ready, promoting self development and a stronger sense of well being. Around 100 people should benefit from the project which will last for an initial twelve months.

For more details, plese contact the project co-ordinator, Anne McConnell -

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Stockwell Police meeting tonight

Your local Stockwell Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team will be holding their regular public meeting tonight - all are welcome to attend.

Date: 19 May 2010
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Stockwell Community Resource Centre, 1 Studley Road (to rear of Stockwell tube station)

Apologies for the short notice.

For more details abou the team, please visit

Friday, 14 May 2010

Labour appoints a new leadership team

With the election finished and the people of Lambeth giving a resounding thumbs up to Labour in Lambeth you voted in 44 Labour Group Councillors including 13 new faces to the council in the Borough elections on May 6th 2010.

The Labour Group would like thank those who voted to keep Labour in control of Lambeth and give us a mandate to carry on the work of improving Lambeth and carrying out our Manifesto commitments to you.

Councillor Steve Reed and Councillor Jackie Meldrum will continue as Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council but there are some new faces. Cllr Florence Nosegbe and Cllr Pete Robbins have both been appointed to the Cabinet for the first time.

The Cabinet is also the most diverse that at any other point in the council’s history. There are 6 women and Cllr Nosegbe and Cllr Campbell as representatives of our diverse communities.

Cllr Steve Reed leader of the Labour Group and the Council says “Thank you to all of those who voted for Labour to continue running the Council, it’s a testament to the Labour Group that we have been getting things right and most importantly listening to what you want in Lambeth. The Labour Group is really looking forward to getting on with the job in hand and making Lambeth a better fairer place for all."

The new Cabinet is as follows:

Leader of the Council – Steve Reed
Deputy Leader – Jackie Meldrum.
Cabinet Member for Communities and Community Safety – Cllr Rachel Heywood
Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games – Cllr Florence Nosegbe
Cabinet Member for Housing – Cllr Lib Peck
Cabinet Member for Environment – Cllr Lorna Campbell
Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning & Employment – Cllr Sally Prentice
Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing – Cllr Jim Dickson
Cabinet Member for Finance – Cllr Paul McGlone
Cabinet Member for Children’s & Young People Services – Cllr Pete Robbins

Congratulations to the new team!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A new progressive coalition? Really?

Sorry to get distracted by national politics briefly, but we have experience in Lambeth of what a Tory-Lib Dem coalition looks like. Sadly it seems history is repeating itself.

Much will be made of the 'reshaping' of British politics today, and how it is a momentous event, etc. But when the dust settles we should consider a few of the announcements that were made today and will no doubt get buried in the news cycle of the new Cabinet appointments.

Firstly, NHS spending will not rise in real terms under a Liberal-Conservative coalition. It has only taken one day for Cameron to break one of his campaign pledges - remember this poster?

Secondly, the new Minister for Equalities, Theresa May, has a shameful record on, erm, equalities issues. She has voted against equality legislation, such as stopping IVF practitioners discriminating against lesbians, equalising the age of consent, and failed to turn up for the Section 28 vote. Read her votes on key issues here: There are few (currently only two) women in the Cabinet, and no ethnic minorities.

To cap it off, the Tories seem to be determined to prevent their government being held to account by Parliament. They have fixed a five year term of office, and are planning to change the 'no-confidence' motion in the House of Commons to 55% - this means in effect that even if the Lib Dems were to leave the coalition, the government would not need to call an election!

Hardly a very democratic or progressive start to Cameron's new politics.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Labour wins in Lambeth, increases number of seats

The results are now in, and for the first time in 20 years, the residents of Lambeth have re-elected an administration, giving Labour councillors a second term in office to deliver real change for our community. Labour has increased its majority on the council, going from 37 seats to 44. Labour won seats from the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and the Greens.

In Stockwell, Labour won all three seats, and your new councillors are Alex Bigham, Pete Bowyer and Imogen Walker. They have already been at work hosting a surgery for residents on the Hemans estate the day after the results came in.

After a long election campaign, the hard work really begins. We would like your ideas and input into what you want to see from a Labour council - delivering change for residents. We will begin work on delivering our manifesto promises (remind yourself here) but no doubt you have your ideas on what needs improving in our area. Do feel free to get in touch...

Picture from - who provided excellent reporting and live tweeting from the count.

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Labour wins seats in Lambeth

The Labour Party has won the three Parliamentary seats in Lambeth - Vauxhall, Streatham and Dulwich & West Norwood, holding off a challenge from the Liberal Democrats. Kate Hoey, Chuka Umunna and Tessa Jowell will serve as the respective Labour MPs.

The local election results will begin coming in from 4pm today, with the count being held at Lambeth town hall.

Alex Bigham, Labour candidate for Stockwell said, "First of all can I congratulate Kate, Chuka and Tessa on a great result for Labour in Lambeth. Their hard work and dedication to local residents has been rewarded in the ballot box."

"Secondly, I'd like to pay tribute to the returning officer, the police, the election officials and our opponents in Stockwell for fighting a good, clean election."

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote Labour today - it's up to you

Remember you have four votes - one for the General Election and three for the Local Elections. Please use all your votes for Labour. It's your future - don't risk it.

At the polling station you will be given:
• a WHITE ballot paper for the Vauxhall constituency General Election
• a YELLOW ballot paper for the local council elections for Stockwell ward

To vote Labour in the General Election:

• Put an X in the box next to the name of Kate Hoey on the white ballot paper
To vote Labour in the local council elections:

• Put an X in the box next to the name of ALL THREE Labour council candidates on the yellow ballot paper - you have THREE votes in the local council election.
If you have a postal vote and you haven't sent it in, you can take it to any polling station in Vauxhall before 10pm.

If you have any questions about your vote, please call our Campaign Hotline on 020 8678 0708 and we’ll be pleased to help.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The price of voting for Lambeth's Lib Dems

Can you afford the £1,500 price tag for voting Lib Dem?

The Lib Dems are trying to convince people its safe to vote for them. They want you to forget the 40% council tax hike and service cuts they imposed last time they ran Lambeth until 2006.

You ended up paying an extra £1,000 in council tax whil they:

- left 500 children without a school place
- left Lambeth with the worst funded youth services in London
- cut older people's day care centres
- turned the parking service into a profiteering racket
- went soft on criminals

If Lambeth's Lib Dems grab back power on 6 May they will do exactly the same again. Their leader at the town hall is the very man who masterminded thair 40% council tax hike - the biggest tax rise in Lambeth's history. He hiked up your council tax last time and he can't wait to get his hands on your money again.

Lambeth's Lib Dems would take our council backwards. They plan to stop the upgrade of substandard council homes, cut the number of police on the street and reverse Labour's investment in road resurfacing. Then they plan a multi-million pound spending spree on parking and council offices that means your council tax will go up by 10% a year - just like the last time they were in power.

Over 4 years that will cost you an extra £1,500 in Lib Dem council tax hikes with nothing to show for the extra money.

The price of voting Lib Dem is a price you can't afford.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Labour in Lambeth campaigns with Portuguese MP Paulo Pisco

The Leader of Lambeth, Cllr Steve Reed, joined Stockwell candidate Alex Bigham and a number of Portuguese campaigners to go on a walkabout in local cafes and restaurants this evening with visiting Portuguese MP, Paulo Pisco. Paulo Pisco represents the diaspora communities in the Portuguese Parliament, and works very closely with Prime Minister Jose Socrates.

The group were talking to Portuguese speaking residents in a number of venues from the Centro Cultural on Lansdowne Way, to O Cantinho on Stockwell Road to Estrela and Cafe Portugal on South Lambeth Road.

As well as chatting to locals, they distributed copies of Lambeth Labour's Portuguese manifesto, the first ever manifesto in Portuguese to ever be produced by a political party in the UK. The walkabout was a great success, with Steve, Alex and Paulo meeting over 100 people during the visit.