Monday, 10 May 2010

Labour wins in Lambeth, increases number of seats

The results are now in, and for the first time in 20 years, the residents of Lambeth have re-elected an administration, giving Labour councillors a second term in office to deliver real change for our community. Labour has increased its majority on the council, going from 37 seats to 44. Labour won seats from the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and the Greens.

In Stockwell, Labour won all three seats, and your new councillors are Alex Bigham, Pete Bowyer and Imogen Walker. They have already been at work hosting a surgery for residents on the Hemans estate the day after the results came in.

After a long election campaign, the hard work really begins. We would like your ideas and input into what you want to see from a Labour council - delivering change for residents. We will begin work on delivering our manifesto promises (remind yourself here) but no doubt you have your ideas on what needs improving in our area. Do feel free to get in touch...

Picture from - who provided excellent reporting and live tweeting from the count.


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