Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The price of voting for Lambeth's Lib Dems

Can you afford the £1,500 price tag for voting Lib Dem?

The Lib Dems are trying to convince people its safe to vote for them. They want you to forget the 40% council tax hike and service cuts they imposed last time they ran Lambeth until 2006.

You ended up paying an extra £1,000 in council tax whil they:

- left 500 children without a school place
- left Lambeth with the worst funded youth services in London
- cut older people's day care centres
- turned the parking service into a profiteering racket
- went soft on criminals

If Lambeth's Lib Dems grab back power on 6 May they will do exactly the same again. Their leader at the town hall is the very man who masterminded thair 40% council tax hike - the biggest tax rise in Lambeth's history. He hiked up your council tax last time and he can't wait to get his hands on your money again.

Lambeth's Lib Dems would take our council backwards. They plan to stop the upgrade of substandard council homes, cut the number of police on the street and reverse Labour's investment in road resurfacing. Then they plan a multi-million pound spending spree on parking and council offices that means your council tax will go up by 10% a year - just like the last time they were in power.

Over 4 years that will cost you an extra £1,500 in Lib Dem council tax hikes with nothing to show for the extra money.

The price of voting Lib Dem is a price you can't afford.