Friday, 22 October 2010

Claim Cash for your Community: The Ward Purse Scheme

The Ward Purse is an innovative scheme which involves making funds available for small projects that bring real benefits to local communities in each of the Lambeth’s 21 wards.

There is £12,000 capital available for Stockwell to be spent on such things as small building works or the purchase of equipment. These are carried out either by the council itself or by community organisations. Councillors in each ward can choose to pool the money for one big project or use it to pay for up to three smaller schemes.
The deadline for applications this year is Tuesday 30 November 2010. Please contact one of your Stockwell Labour Councillors asap to suggest a deserving cause.

Cllr Alex Bigham

Cllr Pete Bowyer

Cllr Imogen Walker

More information about the ward purse: