Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Police numbers unspun

A lot of spin has been put on the issue of police numbers by Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson this morning, with an attempt to claim numbers will not go down in the light of recent violence.

But the actual budgets he is responsible for tell a different story. The Metropolitan Police Authority, which is appointed by the Mayor and receives its budget from the Mayor says that the numbers of police will reduce by 1,985 between this year (2011/12 - 53,126) and next year (2012/13 - 51,141)  in its committee papers (see full document here). In addition, all police recruitment has been frozen.

Rather than going on the Today programme and making spurious claims to back up his election chances, the Mayor should come clean with Londoners so we can get to grips with policing the capital effectively.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A message from your local councillors

Along with you, our friends and neighbours in Stockwell, we are appalled at the recent events of looting and violence across London and the UK.

We hope that your business, homes and property remain safe,
but in an emergency only please:
Dial 999

For non-emergencies, call 101

To report information about the current unrest,
call the Met incident room on 020 8345 4142.

Alex Bigham, Imogen Walker, Pete Bowyer
Stockwell Councillors

Monday, 8 August 2011

Lambeth Leader responds to events in Brixton

The Leader of Lambeth Council, Steve Reed, has cut short his holiday to deal with events in Brixton, and has written the following in reaction to what happened last night.

"Brixton is quickly returning to normal after last night’s disgraceful looting and disorder. Let’s be clear about one thing first: this was no re-run of 1981. What we saw last night was a mob of mainly young people taking advantage of the violence in Tottenham the night before to stage copycat activities so they could break into local shops. They targeted businesses selling mobile phones, video games, electronic goods including plasma screen TV sets, and sports clothing. It seems they used social media to move quickly in an attempt to out-run the police. There is universal condemnation from across the community this morning for what was nothing more than criminality and opportunistic theft.

I went on a walkabout around Brixton first thing and saw the clean-up operation in full swing. The damaged shops are being secured. Broken glass and litter – some of it left over from the Brixton Splash event yesterday afternoon – was being cleaned away. The Council is working with businesses and the police to make sure our town centre is restored to normal working as quickly as possible."

To read the full piece, click here