Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Stockwell Festival 2012

The Stockwell Festival is coming to town. Put the date in your diary now - 22nd September from midday in Larkhall Park.

The festival has a different format this year, as well as dance groups and choirs there will be an Adults Zone with a bar and comedy tent and a Carnival Kids area with entertainers and a bouncy castle mini village.

The South Lambeth Market will be laying on three zones: a Foodies Market (for cold foods and gourmet treats), Arts, crafts and retro clothing, and a bric-a-brac table top sale.

The organisers are looking for volunteers to get involved - specifically local dance groups, ballet dancers, karate groups, choirs, steel drummers, artists, musicians, crafts and food, and 'Stockwell enthusiasts'!

For more details, contact the organisers below.

Twitter: @Stockwell2012
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StockwellFestival2012

Getting involved: To take a stall in the South Lambeth Market areas contact Ian at southlambethmkt@btinternet.com by Friday 10 August 2012.

For all other enquiries (including hot food stalls) contact tristan@thecavendisharmsstockwell.co.uk

Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Boris Bikes' come to Stockwell

Following a petition signed by hundreds of residents, and a campaign by local Labour councillors, the TFL bike scheme (also known as [ahem] Boris Bikes, although a certain Labour mayor came up with the project) is coming to Stockwell.



The extension will include 12 new sites, with at least one being within 300m of Stockwell Underground either on Clapham Road near Linhgam Street or on Binfield Road ‘island’. TfL’s preference is for the Lingham Street site but we are pressing for the Binfield Road site.

The stations should be ready in 2013.

 Priority sites:

1. L83 Union Grove, Wandsworth Road

2. L86 Landsdowne Way Bus Garage

3. L89 South Lambeth Library, South Lambeth Road

4. L91 Clapham Road, South Island Place

5. L95 Heathbrook Community Hall

6. L97 Wandsworth Road, Silverthorne Street

7. L98 Wandsworth Road, St Rule Street

8. L100 Teversham Lane, South Lambeth Road

9. L101 Courland Grove

10. L106 Jeffreys Road, Clarence Walk

11. L109 Oasis Garden, Larkhall Lane

12. L112 Clapham Road, Lingham Street

Contingency sites:

13. L85 Hartington Road

14. L90 Albert Square

15. L84 Thessaly Road, Wandsworth Road

16. L99 Wandsworth Road, Allington Court

17. L111 Binfield Rd Island

Thanks to Tradescant Road blog for the map.


Pictures of the Clapham Library

If you haven't yet been to the new Clapham Library, it's worth a visit. The building has been inspired by the Guggenheim, and inside a central atrium has a children's library as it's central focal point, with rows of books running around the walls accessible via a spiral ramp. Off the main walkway are small rooms for quiet reading, studying or using a computer.

The building was funded through a private-public partnership, with new homes built above the library. A smart way to fund public services at a time when money is tight.

Sadly, the miserly Lib Dems have attacked the new library, calling it a 'flop'. Wouldn't it have been nicer if they could have welcomed it?

More details on how to access the library are here: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Services/LeisureCulture/Libraries/LocalLibraries/ClaphamLibrary.htm

Despite swingeing cuts from the Tory-Lib Dem Government, The Tate South Lambeth Library will remain open, and will have a new wifi service installed soon.

Nine Elms website launched

It's a bit full of PR gumf, and needs a lot more information adding to it, but it's a start - there is a new website that covers the *Vauxhall* Nine Elms development - http://www.nineelmslondon.com